Theme for 2018-2019

In/Justice in Higher Education and at Home

The College of Arts and Sciences Center for the Study of Inequality, Social Justice and Policy has designated a theme for the academic year 2018-19 of “In/Justice in Higher Ed and at Home.” Through this theme, the Center seeks to spark broad dialogue about how intersecting inequities are rooted in and beyond the academy, including in the spaces of daily life outside it. Our primary threads of inquiry this year are twofold. One explores how colleges and universities like Stony Brook are faring on matters of economic, racial, and gender equity, and how they may better address these.  One thread of this exploration will involve public forums and other events to stir discussion about the state of in/justice on our own campus, at Stony Brook University itself. The other running theme concerns intersecting inequities across those places we consider “home,” from domestic work to housing to residential downtowns, suburbs, and New York’s own countryside.

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