Countering Fascism in the Philippines–September 13, 2018

“Countering Fascism in the Philippines”

September 13, 2018

1 pm-2:30 pm

Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, N-318

Elmer Labog, “There’s Blood in Your Condiments: The Nutriasia Workers’ Strike and the Filipino Labor Movement”

Elmer “Bong” Labog is the national chairperson of Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) an independent and democratic labor center promoting genuine, militant, and anti-imperialist trade unionism.

Nerissa Balce, “Dark Lens: The Filipino Camera in Duterte’s Republic”

Nerissa Balce is Associate Professor of Asian American Studies at Stony Brook, author of Body Parts of Empire: Visual Abjection, Filipino Images and the American Archive  (University of Michigan Press, 2016), and co-Curator (with Pia Arboleda of the University of Hawaii and the journalist Francine Marquez) of the online exhibit Dark Lens, to open late September on the website of Stony Brook’s CSISJP.

Since Rodrigo Duterte ascended to the Presidency of the Philippines in June, 2016, his regime has epitomized global trends toward authoritarian nationalism, but also sparked resistance movements that are less well known.  Elmer Labog will speak about his experiences leading one of these: a restive labor movement whose roots run back to the Marcos dictatorship and before. Its  protests of contractual labor policies recently culminated in a strike at Nutriasia, a maker of popular condiments, that was violently suppressed but that subsequently spurred a boycott and other labor organizing.  The Philippine National Police Force that carried out this suppression has also carried out the extrajudicial killings of Duterte’s drug war, featured in the photographs in the Dark Lens exhibit.   These images, captured by local photographers and photo-journalists before authorities have a chance to clean up the scene, document Philippine authoritarianism’s most gruesome moments, for the world to see.

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