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October 8, 2017: A Seat at the Table (Z. Miletsky)

Diverse: Issues in Education, October 8, 2017

As soon as Donald Trump was elected President, the tacit comparisons to 1930s Germany began. Many people quoted—via memes—the famous line by Martin Niemöller, a Protestant pastor who spoke out against Adolf Hitler and who paid for it by spending the last seven years of his life in a concentration camp.

While some of those doomsday scenarios may have represented a more cynical point of view, it does not seem so far-fetched today. “Give him a chance”, people said, “He is our President.” However, events as they have unfolded since Trump’s ascension to power have not given anyone solace in the face of such historically laden circumstances. To anyone with even the most basic appreciation for history, the parallels to the 1930s are obvious and unsettling. Read more here…

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