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July 1, 2017: Trump and Pruitt Are the Biggest Threat to the EPA in Its 47 Years of Existence (C. Sellers)

Vox, July 1, 2017

It’s been quite a week for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

On Thursday, we learned — thanks to reports in Climatewire and the New York Times — that he met with coal executives and lobbyists at a meeting of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity and promised them “red team, blue team” exercises to evaluate climate science. (The broad consensus among scientists and other climate experts is that such debates are wholly unnecessary, given that we already have excellent systems in place to vet climate science, and that the fundamentals of climate science are incontrovertible at this point.) It was a clear signal that Pruitt intends to take government-sanctioned climate skepticism to the next level. Read more here…

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