2017-18 Theme: 


Migration, Confinement, and the Problem of Mobility

Against the backdrop of globalization, where capital flows across borders more easily than people, we are living in increasingly walled-off societies. This year’s Center theme delves into those  structures, ideas, and practices that divide individuals and communities in Long Island and our region, also  societies and nations in the larger world.   Read more here…


July 23rd 2018

Dark Lens: The Filipino Camera in Duterte’s Republic

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Spring Semester 2018

April 16, 2018

Works in Progress Series

 What: Works-in-Progress Series
Where: Poetry Center, Humanities Building, 2nd Floor
When: Monday, April 16, 2018, 1-2:30PM

April 25, 2018


Join us for a screening of the HBO documentary Clinica de Migrantes followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Stephen Larson, who is featured in the film.

What: Film Screening of Clinica de Migrantes and panel discussion with Dr. Stephen Larson, who is featured in the film
When: April 25, 2018 1-2:30PM
Where: Javits Lecture Hall 2

April 25, 2018

Student and Community Activism Pop Up

Humanities 1008

Thinking about getting involved in a social or political cause?  You're not alone.  Over the past couple of years, movements, activism, and protests have swelled nationwide, also across Long Island.  Come hear from leading Long Island activists themselves: what current dilemmas energize them, and how you too can lend a hand.

What: Student and Community Activism Pop Up: Current Causes and Opportunities
When: Wednesday, April 25, 1-2:30 pm
Where: Humanities 1008

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WCSA 2018 Conference:


The Working-Class Studies Association willl meet at Stony Brook for its 2018 Annual Conference, with  above theme.  The Center will be hosting, as it has done for the past decade, on the campus of Stony Brook University from June 6-9, 2018.  The deadline for paper, session, and other proposals has now passed, but the program and registration will be available shortly.

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Introducing The Ineqwiki

The Ineqwiki provides a clearinghouse for the island's community groups and other non-profits, as well as academics, students, and others in colleges and universities, to find one another and collaborate. It seeks to become a springboard for joint work, whether through internships, class or service projects or research, that helps illuminate, address and remedy the many faces of inequality and injustice on Long Island.

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