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The Ineqwiki

A Directory of Community Groups and University Resources Addressing Long Island's Inequalities

Welcome our directory! The Ineqwiki provides a clearinghouse for the island's community groups and other non-profits, as well as academics, students, and others in colleges and universities, to find one another and collaborate. It seeks to become a springboard for joint work, whether through internships, class or service projects or research, that helps illuminate, address and remedy the many faces of inequality and injustice on Long Island. Our immediate goals are twofold. By collecting and disseminating activities, contact information, and current needs of current non-profit and activist groups on Long Island, we seek to enable the island's academic communities to reach out to and interact more fruitfully with them. By the same token, we also aim to provide leaders of community groups with avenues, contacts, and means by which they may more easily draw on the expertise, resources, and aid of the island's colleges and universities.

The Ineqwiki is sponsored by Stony Brook's Center for the Study of Inequalities, Social Justice, and Policy and the Long Island Progressive Network.

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