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Mission:Stony Brook's Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) encompasses over forty Stony Brook faculty in such diverse fields as Africana Studies, Art, History, Ecology & Evolution, Hispanic Languages & Literature, Political Science, School of Journalism, Sociology, Theater Arts, and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Since 995 it has brought global and diversity perspectives to Stony Brook's research, curriculum, and its community.

Director: Eric Zolov Email: Phone:

Student Internships: As a part of the Latin American & Caribbean Studies (LACS) Minor, undergraduates must complete a “capstone” course, which is either an internship or independent study. Generally, we push students to sign-up for an internship. Over the past two years we have successfully placed LACS minors with the following internship programs:

CARECEN, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mapping Latino Long Island Project, Rural Migrants Ministries, SEPA Mujer, Teatro Yerba Bruja

Methods of placement

1. An initial conversation between the LACS Director and the student to learn more about student interests, skills, and goals

2. The student is asked to review the list of internships on our website ( to see about possible “fits” based upon an initial conversation. Some of these internships are more active than others and the Director encourages students to seek out ones with which we have had a recent and on-going relationship. The “fit” will also depend upon student logistical needs, such as if they have a car, if they live on Long Island or near NYC, etc.

3. The student is expected to initiate a conversation directly with the internship program. Once the program accepts the student, the Director establishes a direct line of communication with the internship coordinator to make sure the student follows through and is carrying out his/her responsibilities as expected.

As new internship possibilities are conveyed to the Director, these are added to our website as appropriate.