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The Stony Brook University history department offers chances for undergraduates that could involve work with community and non-profit groups. The work could be framed as an internship or an EXP+ course, a new category of history course devoted to "experiential learning." The departmental designation for both is History 488.

The student in this course would work with a community group or non-profit on a project or set of tasks of mutual interest, with some history-related component. The course will run through a Stony Brook semester, and is graded on a U/SU basis and can count from 0-6 credits. Most students sign up for 3 credits, which is 120 hours, or about 8 hours of work a week.

Groups seeking students to sign up for such a course should contact Janis Mimura janis.mimura@stonybrook.edu, the undergraduate director, who can advertise generally to students and approach relevant faculty (here is the list of faculty) to supervise the work. Students wishing to set up such a course should contact Janis, or relevant faculty, and can also search the Ineqwiki for groups with which they might want to work.

The history department has about 4-6 students doing an internship a semester, a number increasing steadily with new curricular requirements for EXP+ coursework.

Here are the types of internships we've had or have at the moment:

Straus Historical Society (Smithtown): Students work on transcribing oral interviews made by the director with Straus family members in preparation for a book that will be published by the society. We've had three so far. They often do the descriptions at home.

World Trade Ctr Rembrance: 4-5 students do this over the past few years.

Sousa Mendez Foundation: Holocaust rembrance: help with archives.

Disability Studies Historical Research Project at SBU: seeks students to help with archival research on children with polio at St. Charles Hospital in PJ.

Long Island Maritime Museum: Students prepare presentations and help out with museum tours.