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Mission:Stony Brook University’s Center for the Study of Inequality, Social Justice and Policy (CSISJP) seeks to stimulate and support inquiry into entangled inequities such as of race, ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability and environment, especially as these intersect with inequalities of class, work and wealth; and to promote innovative approaches and collaborations for social justice.

The Center aims to provide a regional and national forum for substantive exploration of a wide array of topics pertaining to inequality and social justice, through supporting and promoting:

--Scholarly interchange and collaboration --Curricular and student enrichment, other engagements with inequalities and injustice within the academy --Public and community engagement and collaborations beyond the academy --Dialogue between scholars, activists, and public policy makers

Main Themes: Labor, Class, and Economic Policy Studies; Carceral Studies; Environmental Justice Studies; Immigration and Mobility Studies; Race and Social Justice Studies

Director: Christopher Sellers Email: Telephone: (631)806-1526

Deputy Administrator:Julia Clarke Email:

Associated Faculty and Graduate Students: Steering Committee, Faculty Affiliates, Associated Graduate Students

Providing Academic Research and Input: Each year we can arrange and help sponsor a limited number of collaborative research projects with community groups.

Class Research Projects and Internships: Through the Ineqwiki as well as personal outreach, we can help match up students and faculty with community groups.

Website Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter: @SBU_StudyOf_ISJ